Border Perspective is a photographic journey by everydayfoto's creator Yonathan Moya & his brother Jordan Moya. In early 2017, the Moya brothers' embarked on a 9-day photographic journey along the U.S & Mexico border. Their 2,000 miles took them through the southern border states of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona & California. The purpose of their project was to gain and share a fuller perspective of how life on the border is really like. They had no agenda - only to document life on the border and learn by listening to the perspectives of the people who live there. As they took part in different dialogues, they gained a fuller understanding of a place they call home.

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STUDIO 514 | Minneapolis, Minnesota | Spring 2018

HOMEWOOD STUDIOS | Minneapolis, Minnesota | Summer 2018

Events will consist of photo gallery showcasing pieces from the trip and a screening of our micro-documentary, Border Perspective. 

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Stories of the Border
Who We Are

Yonathan Moya is an avid mobile photographer who's worked on many social media campaigns and had the opportunity to document Pope Francis' visit to the U.S. in 2015. The last decade of his life has been deeply impacted by many photography opportunities and his international work with Experience Mission in Latin America. He's traveled to several countries, including Costa Rica, Belize, Honduras, Haiti & Cuba. Through his photography and international work, he wants to challenge others to see the world around them differently and go beyond their current worldview, into a new understanding of who they are and how they can positively, contribute to our society. Yonathan resides with his wife, Megan, and mini-goldendoodle, Fitz, in Bloomington, MN.


Jordan currently lives in South Bend, Indiana and works for Habitat for Humanity in the northern Indiana area. He's currently single and looking for the love of his life. You can follow more of Jordan's photography on Instagram.


Jonathan Baez joined us on this road trip as our team's videographer. Jonathan lives in Goshen, Indiana with his beautiful family. You can find more of Jonathan's video work on Vimeo


Experience Mission currently partners with the Moya's family ministry in South Texas, a region of mixed history between “Mexican” and “American” culture. For many years, this border region has become an attractive corridor for a high population of immigrants families from Mexico and Latin America, working hard to build a new life. Through our partnership with EM, we help connect short term mission trips teams to practical opportunities to show and share their faith through action, mutual relationships, and understanding. Come with an open heart, ready to forge unforgettable relationships with those living on the border.



Traveling Soles is a series that invites readers to learn about the story behind the shoes that belonged to immigrants who crossed the U.S./Mexico borders fleeing from violence or simply to seek a better life.

la frontera: the border


Peg Bowden lives 12 miles form the Mexican border. With the immigration crisis so close to home, she deals with the murky, confusing and confounding world of the migrant. Peg volunteers at a shelter called "el comedor" in Nogales, Mexico. Her blog 'La Frontera', highlights stories of migrants she meets every week.

A Land of Hard Edges



A Land of Hard Edges: Serving the Front Lines of the Border is a series of true stories and personal reflections by Peg Bowden. Peg joins a group  of Samaritans that travel to a shelter known as 'el comedor', a migrant shelter in Sonona, Mexico to provide clothing, medical supplies and counsel to migrants seeking the American Dream. In her book, she investigates why thousands of people are willing to risk their lives crossing the Sonoran Desert into the U.S. and tries to understand the complexities of human migration and the power of love and family that drives people into the treacherous landscapes of the southern Arizona border. 

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