At everydayfoto we're all about empowering creativity. It is our goal to share with you, the impact your purchases are making. This is one of the classrooms and projects we've helped fund together.

My students are experiencing the first ever journalism course at our school and are in need of a DSLR camera. They are excited to bring the news from around campus to their classmates, teachers and families. It is our goal to share all of the relevant current events with our school and local community.

With the world of journalism constantly changing, my students will have the opportunity to experience that change firsthand.

Through studying units highlighting journalistic writing, interviewing, sports reporting, design, photography and ethics, these kiddos will be prepared to share all of the exciting things happening on campus. In the past, our school has only had a handful of electives for our juniors and seniors to choose from. This year an introduction to journalism course is being offered, and my students are prepared to learn about everything journalism has to offer.

It is my hope that with this camera my journalists will learn the importance of photojournalism, as well as share and publish amazing photography for our readers to enjoy.

With sporting events, assemblies, guest speakers, dances and club fundraisers, this camera will allow my students to always have an eye on what is going on around campus.

This project reached 20 students | Grades 9-12 | Arizona


  • Canon EOS Rebel T5 DSLR Digital Camera
  • EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS Lens
  • 2x telephoto Lens
  • 58mm Wide Angle Lens
  • Flash
  • 59-Inch Tripod
  • UV Filter Kit
  • 24GB SDHC card


Dear everydayfoto,

This camera has been beyond amazing for the very first journalism course at our school. While students are learning a lot about interviewing, reporting and publishing, they are also learning a great amount about photography. The kids have earned a couple of free days to play around and explore the camera.

I have two particular students in my class who are not the strongest writers, but have taken a strong liking to photography. They are my go to students when others need help or guidance with the camera. They know all of the ins and outs and are excited to be leaders within the class when it comes to photography.


My students are most excited about getting out and using the camera to get their friends and family into the student publication. Everyone likes to see themselves in the newspaper, right? And that's exactly what my kids are going to do - get as many people from around our campus into the student publication. 


On behalf of my class, we cannot say thank you enough. This wonderful donation has afforded my students the opportunity to learn a skill that is typically not available in many classrooms.

With gratitude,
Ms. Meunier