At everydayfoto we're all about empowering creativity. It is our goal to share with you, the impact our community is making. "Cameras for Bwadjout" is a collaborative photography project we're helping fund with Gramforacause, a team of passionate, curious photographers who love using photos to explore new cultures and share stories. They believe in photography’s power to educate and spread change. We couldn't be more excited to partner together.

This holiday season, everydayfoto has partnered with Gramforacause for a special project. Their team is working towards getting cameras into the hands of youth in Bwadjout, Haiti. These children and young teenagers are eager to capture their day-to-day lives. 

"Photos are expensive to print in Haiti and hardly anyone has high resolution cameras here. You can tell that they don't usually have photos of themselves. Once, this little girl asked me for some napkins and I wondered why. She took the Polaroid I gave her and wrapped it up, it was that important to her,” says Cathy Lee, a Gramforacause storyteller who has worked with the town of Bwadjout on short-term mission trips over the past three years.

Through December 4th, together with Gramforacause, we will be raising funds to buy camera equipment and will be collecting lightly used cameras & photography equipment. At the end of our campaign, the team at Gramforacause will ship the gear off to their partners in Bwadjout, Haiti.

This past summer, Cathy Lee ran a photography workshop for the teens of Bwadjout. We'll be joining forces with her and local partners to distribute the cameras and keep in contact with young photographers to help them out with their new equipment. 


Here's how it works!

There's a lot of need and many organizations already working in Haiti. However, we truly believe that our greatest contribution will be spreading positivity to a small part of Haiti this holiday season by providing photography gear that will ultimately empower creativity amongst the future generation in Bwadjout.


100% of the proceeds will go towards purchasing, packaging, and shipping camera equipment to the youth of Bwadjout, Haiti.

We are also collecting lightly-used gear that will help support this photography project & continue to inspire creativity around the world. 

Fill out the form below and we'll have someone from the Gramforacause team contact you.

Here are some of the photos that young photographers from Bwadjout took at a film photography workshop.

Gramforacause will receive 100% of the proceeds from this project. All camera equipment will be shipped directly to Bwadjout. We reserve the right to change or terminate this collaboration at any time. Thanks for your support.