#ThePrintExchange is an opportunity for photographers to collect great curated photography and share their work with other photographers. For our first-ever print exchange, we will be selecting 50 images. Only those top 50 selected photographers will have the opportunity to participate in the exchange.

To submit your image, hashtag your images #ThePrintExchange & tag @everydayfotoprjct on Instagram.

The deadline for our first print exchange is February 28, 2017.


The print exchange is a great way to add beautifully curated photography to your own walls & share your work with others.

All selected images in the exchange will be printed on the best photo printers available at a maximum resolution of 2880 x 1440 dpi, which deliver incredible resolution. Each photographer will be asked to contribute one or more photos for consideration. In return, photographers selected to participate will receive a three photo print set. All prints come with a .25" white border for a final size of 5 1/2" square print.

Photographers of all backgrounds are invited to participate in #ThePrintExchange.
We recommend you submit your photos early, as our curator will be selecting photos to highlight on our InstagramTwitterFacebook & in our newsletter leading up to the February deadline.

How it works

At everydayfoto we are all about empowering creativity and building community. We truly believe that printing your photos, brings your art and memories to life. For our first ever print exchange, photographers are invited to participate by submitting images via Instagram. To submit, please hashtag #theprintexchange & tag @everydayfotoprjct in your post.

Our first-ever print exchange will be curated by everydayfoto's founder, Yonathan Moya. If your photo is selected, you will get to exchange your professionally printed photo with another photographer who is also selected to participate in the #theprintexchange.

We will only be selecting 50 images this time around. All selected photographers will each contribute one image and receive a set of 3 square prints in return. Part of the fun is that each individual print set is chosen at random, which means the print you receive in the mail will be a total surprise.

There is no submission fee to enter; however, if your image is chosen, there is a one-time cost of $25, which will be paid via our website at the time you upload your high-res file for printing. We will take care of professionally printing and shipping your prints. To maintain our focus on empowering creativity, 25% of all proceeds from this exchange will go to support underfunded photography projects. Our latest collaborative project, helped fund "Cameras for Haiti".

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of photography is eligible for submissions?

All photo-based work is eligible; film, digital, mobile, etc. We only accept online submissions.

Can I submit more than one photo?

There is no limit to how many photos you can submit. Make sure to hashtag your image #theprintexchange and tag @everydayfotoprjct in your Instagram post.

Is there a fee to enter?

There is no submission fee; however, there is a $25 fee to participate in #theprintexchange, if your image is selected. Since our focus at everydayfoto is to empower creativity, 25% of all proceeds will go to support underfunded photography projects.

If I pay the fee, do I get a set of prints?

Yes. Only selected photographers will be asked to pay the fee. Fee needs to be paid 5 days after the curation process is completed. The curator will select top 50 images from the submissions and only selected photographers will give 1 image and receive a set of prints in return.

Do I pay for shipping and printing?

Photographers are NOT responsible for shipping and printing fees. Once the $25 fee has been paid, there is no additional cost.

How does the curation process work?

Everydayfoto will choose a curator to select all submissions. Winners will be chosen and notified throughout the submission period about their work being chosen. We recommend you submit your images early on. 

My submission was selected, now what?

If your image is chosen, you will be notified through an Instagram Direct Message. We will asked you to upload your image for printing and pay the $25 at the same time you upload your high-res image.

What if more than 1 of my images are chosen?

If two or more images are chosen, then you will receive two sets of prints in the mail. The cost will be $25 for each print set. If two of your images are selected, your total cost will be $50. If you only want to include one, you get to make that decision. You can choose which selected print you'd like to include in the exchange and only pay for that submission. 

Do I get to choose the prints I receive?

No, our curation team will pair prints together and mail them at random. We want you to be surprised when you receive your print in the mail.

When will I get the print?

It should takes 2-3 weeks to receive the prints once all of the winners have been chosen.

Prints are mailed from our partners printing studio in Chicago, IL.

What if my print is damaged in the mail.

Please let us know, and we will get another set out to you.

If you still have a question, please send us a note. We are here to help and will try to answer your questions as soon as we can!

#ThePrintExchange Collection I


Printing partner

All prints come with a .25" white border for a final size of 5 1/2" square print.

Chicago, IL

Made in the U.S.A


#ThePrintExchange images will be curated by everydayfoto and will be printed by Inkdot.comWe reserve the right to change or terminate this initiative at any time. Thanks for your support.