Yonathan Moya is the founder of everydayfoto.co, a community of photographers that helps empower creativity.




While growing up, creativity was a foreign concept to me. My worldview was so much smaller and I attribute that to simply not having outlets to be creative. The world has come so far from the days when I was a kid. "I remember wanting a be a part of the yearbook photography club in high school, but I couldn’t afford a camera. My parents never had extra money to put towards a camera and since I couldn't afford one, I lost the opportunity to be a part of the club.” 

It was in college when I became interested in film photography. "I was intrigued by the darkroom and I wanted to learn more." My intent to sign up for class quickly diminished as the class was full and I had to wait until the following year to register. However, throughout the course of this waiting period, the photography program transitioned from film to digital photography. I was a sophomore in college when my exposure to digital photography began. What used to be a darkroom, turned into iMac's with photoshop. "Taking a digital photography course in college allowed me to start taking photos at events and activities at my college campus."  However, it wasn't until after college that I realized the potential and perspective that photography provided for me.

“Everything changed when I was finally able to own my own DSLR camera and purchase my first iPhone." I started using Instagram for creative purposes in 2014. "Once photography became more than a passion project, things just skyrocketed. I started attending photography events, collaborating with other photographers and working with brands on social media campaigns." As an avid mobile photographer, I've had the opportunity to work on social media campaigns with brands and even had the chance to document Pope Francis' visit to the US.

"Through my photography, I want to challenge others to see the world differently. I want to encouraging each other to go beyond their current worldview and into a new understanding of who they are, and the part they can play in contributing to our society."

In 2015 I started everydayfotoprjct with a vision to highlight photographers and curate great photography through our Instagram feed. Since then, our reach has grown to over 10,800 followers and more than 34,000 #everydayfoto hashtags on Instagram. As the reach has grown, everydayfoto.co has become a platform that promotes social good and a community that helps support artists & underfunded photography projects around the world.




I’ve consulted and worked with brands, non-profits, churches and individuals on digital marketing and social media campaigns. If you would like to learn how to better utilize social media in your workplace or brainstorm a digital campaign, I’d love to talk!